Bridging the Gap for Individuals with Special Needs in Central PA

Sarah Lynn Strohman Foundation

2017 Deliveries:

  • Women's resource center
  • Camp dragonfly
  • harrisburg hospital, NICU
  • claremont nursing home
  • vet to vet volunteer program with hospice of central pa

comfort and care program

This program has been designed to provide comfort and care to teens and adults with special needs and their caregivers.  A gift of a handmade, fleece blankets, lap blankets, and hope shawls are donated to those in the hospital or who are in need of comfort. 

How can you help?  We recruit everyone from Girl Scouts to Nursing Home residents to help us create blankets and hope shawls from donated material.  If you would like to donate material, earn a Girl Scout badge, or deliver these cherished items, please visit the Donate page or Contact us with details.